Emilia Babilia

Week 23 & 24

Symptoms? Light heartburn when I eat to big a meal. Also, my belly button is flattening out some more. The other night after dinner, Andres said and I quote, “Wow, your belly button looks Asian!” 😂

Week 23 – 139.8 lb ->  140.6 lb
Week 24 – 140.6 lb ->  141.6 lb

Change in dietary habits? No change. I just gotta be conscious of not eating too much each meal so I don’t suffer from heartburn afterwards.

Exercises? Now that the weather is warmer, I try to go out for a walk every day with Andres 🙂

Sleep? I was starting to have shoulder and back pains from sleeping on my side every night. But then Andres bought me a pregnancy pillow and I’m now sleeping so much better! Having that back support helps so much! I didn’t think I’d need a pregnancy pillow before and didn’t want to spend money on it as it costs more than $100. But it’s so worth it!

Baby movements?
Emilia’s kicks are getting stronger every day! Some kicks we’re even able to observe, protruding from my tummy! I managed to capture it on video other day. 😍 If you pay close attention to the left side, close to my shirt, you should be able to see a little kick.


At week 23 Emilia is about the size of a large mango. I feel that she is much larger though.
At week 24 Emilia is as long as an ear of corn!

Anything else special happened these two weeks?
We went to the Baby Show on April 2 and bought Emilia’s stroller! 😍

Uppababy never goes on sale and doesn’t let their vendors sell them with any discounts either. So Dearborn Baby worked around it by offering 15% of the stroller’s value as store credit. We plan to use that money to buy the infant car seat, which is also Uppababy.

I was also happy to have received some free samples for nursing pads and diaper wipes which I was considering. I definitely recommend going to at least one baby show if you’re pregnant for those free samples and discounts.

On April 3 we visited the OB and got to listen to Emilia’s heartbeat again. And this time we recorded it!

Here’s a link to the audio file: Emilia’s Heartbeat at Week 2

This week, I took and passed my gestational diabetes (GD) glucose test! I was so worried beforehand as I consume so much sugar regularly. It would be really tough for me if I have to cut it out. I wouldn’t even know how to get my diary in as I hate cheese, non-sweetened yoghurt, and milk.

Thankfully, the results indicate that I do not have GD. Hooray! Happy days 🙂

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    April 17, 2017 at 12:26 am

    Emilia, i cant wait to meet you!!!!!

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