Emilia Babilia


As I research my way through pregnancy, I've found many websites and some of them have become my favourite go-to's for information. I hope you find these useful as I did. Happy researching! 🙂

General Pregnancy Info

These websites include a plethora of information on becoming a parent from pre-conception to postpartum.  One of things I look forward to the most every week is reading up on how my baby is developing inside my womb. I also love roaming around the forums for answers to questions that I have.

In terms of medical knowledge, my family doctor introduced me to Motherisk. They have a website but the best part is their hotline where you can dial in with any questions you have and they would answer you based on results of medical research and papers. Literally any question, even though they might seem dumb; I called in to ask if it's okay to have mani/pedicures, RMT, and permanent straightening for my hair.

Toll-free: 1-877-439-2744
Toronto & GTA: 416-813-6780

Buying for Your Little One

Before you start researching for all the things you want and need to buy for your baby, I recommend starting a baby registry to help you with building that list. It seems to be common practice in Canada for parents-to-be to register at Babies "R" Us but after some research I realized that there are better alternatives out there.

As a household who does a lot of their shopping online, as I began the early stages of researching for baby products, I realized that there are a lot of neat things that Babies "R" Us don't carry! The price discrepancies across different stores also made me realize I needed a better solution for our baby registry. After reading through some forums, I found Babylist!

Babylist lets you add any product from any website into your baby registry so you're not restricted to one store! If you're a geek or someone who loves one of a kind crafty things like me, you can even add things from ETSY on your list! The only thing they can improve on is let guests buy portions of an item so people can chip in for big items like strollers and cribs but still, I highly recommend you check it out.

Now, onto the items in the list. These are my favourite websites for baby product reviews:

  • babygearlab.com - they buy baby products from many different brands and perform extensive testing on them to rate them on various aspect that's relevant to the product (e.g. comfort, ease of use...etc.) My hubby and I both love this scientific approach to things and so this is our favourite website for baby gears like stroller and car seat
  • mommyhood101.com - this website is run by parents and also take a scientific approach to reviewing baby products. They also do not take any freebies from any manufacturer so reviews are impartial. Recently this has become my #1 favourite as their reviews are the most current and updated (2017)
  • momtricks.com - another website run by moms with quite thorough information
  • Babycenter & Babylist - I don't like these two as much because they don't provide as much information on specific products. But they help give you an idea of what you'd want to buy for your baby by providing a pretty extensive list. Plus, I use their top picks to collaborate with reviews I find on other websites
  • Amazon - Amazon customer reviews help immensely as well
  • Google - Generally if a product is ranked top 3 across multiple websites, it's a good one and from there it boils down to personal preference (e.g. Is price more important? Or space? Being green and organic?)
  • shopbot.ca - After deciding on which product / brand to go with, I use this website to help me find the cheapest place to get that certain product. It doesn't include all websites, no, but every little bit of help counts