Emilia Babilia

Emilia’s First Month

I can’t believe Emilia is one month old already! 😊

She’s grown so much! Look at the difference!

Day 0 (July 20)

4 weeks old (August 17)

When she was born, her entire body would fit within my breastfeeding pillow. Now her bum is on the edge!

From the day she was born, Emilia is very strong. Strong lungs, strong head, strong limbs. She likes sleeping with her hands above her head and they would wiggle free from the swaddle from day one.

Her cries are super loud and she did not enjoy her first bath. She cried so much her whole body got super red 😂 Thankfully she is not as scared of baths anymore.

Like all newborns, she eats and sleeps all day. She is definitely a foodie like me though. She doesn’t cry when she needs a diaper change but always cries for food. She’d whine as she’s trying to poop but once the deed is done, she’d relax and smile. And she’d scream-cry again during diaper change because she doesn’t like being naked 😂

Being a mom is definitely not easy. I’m lucky to have a good baby and the support of a very loving husband and in-laws.

This first month has basically been me sitting in bed with my boobs out, feeding my ever hungry Emilia. Thankfully, my milk production and storage capacity are quite good. Emilia is also very smart and learned to latch on properly after just a few feedings. Her feeding schedule has been quite predictable from day one – 3 hours apart, and during some nights she can even go for 4 to 5 hours before waking up for the next feeding!

The most difficult part is putting her to bed and hoping that she stays asleep. It is an art and takes patience (could take up to an hour). Emilia was very good during the first two weeks but since then would always wake back up for various reasons (gas, startle reflex..etc.). After a while we’ve kinda given up and have been co-sleeping with her. Apparently 1 month olds can’t be spoiled but I am starting to be a little worried…

There are also times when she’d feed continuously for hours on end (cluster feeding). It is no joke and I broke into tears a few times because of it. I could not have weathered through it without Andres and his family’s help. ❤

During her 3rd week, Emilia started staying awake longer. She’d wake up at 9 am and stay awake till noon and some days even 2pm. It took me a few days to adjust and understand that this is her awake time. At first I thought she was cluster feeding as she was rooting constantly. But then she’d push my breast out of her mouth shortly after and eventually I figured she wasn’t actually hungry. Once I accepted that, I started taking advantage of this time to do some tummy time with her so she could practice lifting her head. 🙂

This is her during one of those morning sessions…

Even then, it was still physically taxing as Emilia constantly attached herself to my nipples. Throw in clogged ducts to the mix and it was the toughest day I’ve had so far. That night (3 weeks 6 days), we finally decided to let Emilia use a pacifier and I’m so glad we did! Sweet relief for my nipples! 😌

Emilia using a pacifier for the first time

As Emilia turned 3 weeks old, we also tried feeding her with a bottle of expressed milk. Unfortunately she did not like it. 😔 The bottle nipples are nowhere like mine (they seemed too long) and the milk flow is too fast. So we went out and bought another bottle with a nipple that looks more like mine and tried again. This time, I also left the room so Emilia couldn’t smell me, and it worked a little better. She still pushes it away after a while and can’t complete a feeding with it but it’s a start.

Andres feeding Emilia a bottle

Highlight of this month is that we visited quite a few restaurants with Emilia. Since Andres’ family don’t get to be in Toronto often, we took them to some of our favourite restaurants here. Emilia has been very considerate and would stay asleep throughout our meals in her car seat. What an angel she is! 😊

This is her all dressed up for a fancy meal at Buca 🙂

❤ Happy 1 Month, Emilia! ❤

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