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3 Months Old – An Exciting Time

This past month has been very exciting, both for Emilia and for us. Emilia is such a keen learner and she’s been melting our hearts with every little thing she does.

She’s been talking to us and 90% of the time I actually understand her! Probably because with that 90% of the time she’s mostly asking for food… 😂 Sometimes she just talks to tell us stories though, and those are the best times because she gets so excited when we talk back to her. She’d smile so much to the point of almost laughing and turn her head to the side as if she’s shy 😂

These days she’s also been busy practicing sitting up straight and crawling. About when she was 11 weeks old, she started doing crunches every time we lay her down on a slanted surface. At first we thought she was straining to poop but then after a while we realized she’d stop complaining once we helped her sit up by supporting her arm / armpits. I can’t believe how eager and strong she is!

Whenever we’re at a restaurant and she’s awake, she’d demand to be picked up from the car seat too. She’d be happy again once I sit her on my lap so that she’s sitting with the rest of us. I can’t wait till she’s strong enough to sit in a high chair so she can join us for meals!

When we do tummy time with her, we can see her stretching her legs and neck as if to reach for whatever she sees in front of her. We know she wants to crawl already. It’s funny to see her try so hard only to fail because she doesn’t understand she needs to bend her legs first, before stretching them to push. 😛

It has also been funny seeing Emilia starting to grab things and shoving them into her mouth. She loves sucking on our fingers (not hers lol) and the strap of her baby carrier. What’s funny though, is that she’d shove towels into her face but then proceed to be annoyed by them brushing against her cheeks. 😂

As for bottle training, she still doesn’t take it consistently but we’ve had some success with the Munchkin Latch bottle our friend lent us. Ideally we would try every day but it’s been difficult finding the time to (both time to pump out enough milk and time where Andres doesn’t have to work or cook). Oh well, all in due time. We’re very lucky to have the luxury of working from home so I can keep breastfeeding her for as long as she needs it. 🙂

Life as a mother has gotten a little easier now that I can read Emilia’s cues and understand her a lot better. She still needs basically constant care during the day so I’m still not able to do much work but it’s gotten a little better as she can go longer between feedings and I’ve found ways to work around it.

I even managed to go on a mommy date with my friend who has a one-month old baby! Emilia and her little Mufasa (our nickname for him) already ganged up on us 😅 but we still managed to have some yummy Japanese cheesecake (I still like Uncle Tetsu’s the most though).

The best part of this month is that Emilia started sleeping for 8 hours at night! The first time she did that was actually on Andres’ Birthday so that was a great birthday gift. 😊 She doesn’t do it every day, some nights she wakes up after 4-6 hours but that’s still great!

Other achievements include upsizing to size 3 diapers (she only used size 2 for like 3 weeks!) and starting to fit into clothing sized 3-6 months. We had to buy her new, longer sleep sacks too! We went on a shopping spree for her the other weekend and I can’t wait to dress her up in all her new outfits! 😆

This is a super cute Chip n’ Dale onesie we got from Uniqlo:

She also got her passport so she’s ready to go eat and shop in Japan with her grandparents! 😁

One last thing, which I’m not exactly proud of… is that Emilia loves watching TV. 😅 She already loves Paw Patrol. She seems to like Korean drama too! lol This is her watching Friends…

And this is her watching Paw Patrol…😅

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