Emilia Babilia

Emilia’s 2nd Month

Emilia is 2 months + a week (or 10 weeks) old!
She now weighs 5.07kg / 11.17 lb (birth + 3.84lbs) and is 56.5cm (birth + 6.5cm) tall.

This month has been a roller coaster ride and I’m happy to say that we’re at a good place now. Everyone says, “It gets easier.” This seems to be true after you get past 8 weeks but no one tells you to expect the 2nd month to be tougher than the first!

Because of development of the baby’s brain and digestive systems, babies are extra fussy from 5-8 weeks. I struggled a lot at 5 weeks, as you can tell from my previous blog post. But after looking up Emilia’s situation on the internet, it seems almost every other mom out there has the same problem. Once I adjusted my expectations and succumbed to the flow, things got a little easier. It was still tough, but I gritted my teeth and fought my way through it with the help and support of my ever so loving husband. (Seriously, how do single parents and people without much of a maternity / paternity leave do it?! I have a newfound respect for all parents out there.)

So much has happened in this past month…

  1. Emilia’s heat rash finally healed completely at Week 8.
  2. She now smiles at us every day. 😍 It’s really quite marvelous how a baby’s smile melts your heart and makes up for all the frustration.
  3. She can sometimes copy our facial expressions. We taught her how to stick her tongue out! We’ve also been trying to teach her to click her tongue, blow raspberries, and blow kisses. These are a lot harder to do so she has only been able to copy it once or twice but it’s great seeing her trying extremely hard to replicate what she sees. Sometime she’d be so frustrated with trying that her face would get all red and she’d wave her arms and legs around.
  4. She “talks” to us all the time now! 😄 (started at Week 6) It’s really cute how she would stick her tongue out and say “uh uh uh” to get me to feed her. As she gets hangrier, the “uh”s would get louder and and they’d get longer as if she’s speaking whole sentences!
  5. Starting from Week 6, she also started showing interest in toys and can track them as they’re moving. She is interested in more colourful objects now (vs before she could only see black and white). I caught her looking intensely at my dress the other day. What’s more funny is she was trying to have a conversation with my dress 😂
  6. The development we’re most happy about: from the end of Week 9 on, Emilia has been sleeping through the night (from 11:30pm to 5:30am)!
  7. She also got her first set of vaccines at her 2-month pediatrician checkup and didn’t get a fever. What a good and strong girl!
  8. Speaking of strong, this is her lifting her head and chest up during tummy time.
  9. My parents arrived from Hong Kong 2 weeks ago and they’re loving Emilia 😊
  10. Last but not least, something not related to Emilia’s development….we bought a house and sold our current house! We’ll be moving in November! 😁 We’re so excited to have more space for Emilia to crawl and run around!

The only thing I’m still concerned about is that Emilia is still refusing to be fed by bottle 😥 It takes me two days to pump enough milk for one bottle and it breaks my heart to see my expressed milk go to waste. We’d really love to be able to go out on a date as Andres’ birthday is coming up in 11 days. But it just doesn’t seem possible at the moment…

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