Emilia Babilia

Week 29 – 31

Symptoms? Stepping into the last 2 months of pregnancy, I’m finally starting to feel a little uncomfortable. I get tired standing much faster, stairs have become my enemy, and my heart has been beating much stronger. Sometimes the heartbeats are so strong that I feel like I have trouble breathing. I’ve figured out a few positions to remedy that though, the only thing is I need to drown myself in half a dozen of pillows to achieve that.

Week 29 – 146.8 lb ->  147.2 lb
Week 30 – 147.2 lb ->  148.5 lb
Week 31 – 148.5 lb ->  150 lb

Change in dietary habits? During Week 29 I craved strawberry flavoured snacks. I get hungry faster and more frequently these days and have been bad with eating vegetables. Gotta pay the supermarket a visit to get some more vegetables and fruits in. I’m also making myself drink more water and less caffeinated drinks as I find it helps with the heart palpitations and mild headaches.

Exercises? Prenatal yoga once a week, which really is not enough. I need to start practising it at home every day.

Sleep? With Emilia getting bigger and heavier, it is getting more complicated to find that comfortable position to sleep in. Some days I also suffer from mild heartburn when I go to bed after drinking a glass of water so that doesn’t help either. But with the help of more pillows I’m figuring it out. Sorry, Andres, for taking over more and more of the bed! 😛

Baby movements? Emilia’s movements became quite gentle in week 29 but got stronger again midway through week 30. I even managed to capture her kicking like crazy on video at 30 weeks 6 days! I’m feeling her a lot more frequently and strongly now that she’s running out of space in my tummy. Other than the once in a while punches in the bladder and frightfully strong jabs at my ribs, I’m still enjoying it immensely 🙂

At week 29 Emilia is about the size of a butternut squash
At week 30 she is about the size of a large cabbage
At week 31 she is about the size of a coconut (isn’t coconut smaller than a cabbage though?)

Anything else special happened these past few weeks?
Now that I’m in the third trimester, the OB visits are more frequent – once every 2 weeks instead of 4.

We’re now in the final stretch of getting the house ready for Emilia after reorganizing our closets! (Too bad we forgot to take a before picture for comparison). Ta-da!

During Week 31 we attended two prenatal classes – one about Breastfeeding and one about Labour & Delivery. I’ve actually already read about most of what was in the classes beforehand so the sessions were like a good refresher plus opportunity to ask any questions for me. The classes were so very helpful and informative for Andres though and it makes me happy seeing him all excited about all the new things he’s learned.

I was also glad we got a chance to practise all the breathing techniques, pain relieve and labour positions in the Labour & Delivery class. But best of all was learning the hospital’s labour & delivery procedures and the tour of their L&D unit so we know what to expect in 2 months’ time when Emilia arrives. The birthing unit is very spacious and looks very comfortable. In each room there is also a hot tub we can use for pain relieve and it looks so very futuristic with its Lamborghini-style door. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m very excited to give birth in there. 😀

I feel so mentally ready to be a mom but there’s still 2 months to go! I guess we’ll just have to be patient and enjoy what little alone time we have until then 🙂 <3

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