Emilia Babilia

Week 25 – 28

Symptoms? Back pain. It’s getting more difficult to walk up stairs. I find myself running out of breath much faster. I’m starting to need to pee more often again.

Week 25 – 141.6 lb ->  142.6 lb
Week 26 – 142.6 lb ->  144.4 lb
Week 27 – 144.4 lb ->  145.2 lb
Week 28 – 145.2 lb ->  146.8 lb

Change in dietary habits? No change. Although I’m starting to think Emilia likes noodles and spicy food 🙂

Exercises? I was still able to do pole choreo classes once every 2 weeks until this past week (week 28). I found myself exhausted at the end of class on Tuesday and my quads are still aching as I’m writing this. For the first time, my mind blanked out completely and I just stopped moving in the middle of the dance. That’s how I know my body was exhausted. I’m still glad I had a good run and I can’t wait to go back to the studio to train postpartum. 🙂

I also taught my last classes on Week 28 (May 11). I want to thank all my students and I’m so glad to have the pleasure of teaching you all and so proud to see you improve. Some of you are inverting now and some others are getting ever so close to landing your splits!! I look forward to dancing with you again. My goal is to be back by the end of the year.

Under my OB’s recommendation, I went to my first prenatal yoga class at Week 26. It’s like easy mode of a normal yoga class. Definitely not as fun as pole but the workout was good as I normally never work out my thighs (pole is almost all upper body and core). Now that I’ve stopped poling, I’m going to try to do prenatal twice a week until Emilia arrives.

Sleep? Strangely as I need to pee more often during the day, I’ve been sleeping through the night without having to wake up to pee at all! 🙂

Baby movements? Emilia has been kicking harder and several times it even hurt a little and made me go “ouch!” and jump! I’m supposed to start counting her kicks now that I’m in the 3rd trimester but I haven’t figured out her schedule yet.

At week 25 Emilia is about the size of a rutabaga (? I have no idea what that is and it seems smaller than a mango to me…)

At week 26 she is about the length of a green onion lol

At week 27 she is about the size of a head of lettuce / cauliflower.

At week 28 she is about the size of an eggplant <3

Anything else special happened this past month?
I’ve been busy nesting – re-arranging our locker, finally set up our balcony with nice plastic tiles and an armchair. I’ve also been making plans to re-organize our closets and I’m so excited to get the house ready for Emilia!

We also picked up her stroller and bought her car seat. I booked our maternity photoshoot. And we took our first prenatal class at the hospital at week 27! Everything is slowly coming together and we’re in the 3rd trimester! 😀

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    Echo Lau
    May 15, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Everything seems to be very good to u. We can’t wait to see your little one coming!

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