Emilia Babilia

Week 20

Symptoms? Dry, itchy skin on my back as Emilia is growing faster than ever in my belly and stretching me out.

Weight? 136 lb -> 137.4 lb. That makes it a 10-lb gain altogether compared to pre-pregnancy!

Change in dietary habits? None. Andres, on the other hand, craved for bread and butter at 1am the other night and after debating with himself for a whole hour, pulled on his pants and went out to the 24-hr Shoppers next door to buy some. 😀

Exercises? Same.

Sleep? I’m still sleeping very well 🙂

Baby movements?
I’m now 100% that Emilia is kicking me! That night after I wrote that post about the 20-week ultrasound, I felt Emilia fist bumping me! It was a very distinct feeling and I could feel the shape of her fist and quite strong compared to all the little bubbly feeling I’ve been getting since I felt her in the subway.

What’s more, Andres felt it too! As soon as I felt her, I let Andres know and he placed his hand on my belly and she kicked again and Andres felt it!! Oh how exciting that was!

Yesterday I felt the strongest kick yet, she punched me in the bladder! lol I couldn’t believe it at first but she did it again! She’s getting to strong. 🙂

At week 20 Emilia is as long as a banana from head to toe.

Anything else special happened this week?
We had our 20-week anatomy scan. We also set up Emilia’s crib!! 😀
Emilia's crib

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    Echo Lau
    March 22, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    Haha…. that is a very impressed feeling to a woman when u feel a little one moving inside your tummy. I still remember that feeling after a decade, haha… Baby is swimming inside your body.. haha. It’s amazing. The bigger she is, the stronger kick you will feel. Enjoy the time she is still inside your body. Once she comes out, u guys will be more busy.

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