Emilia Babilia

Fussy Baby at Week 5

What a tough week it has been!

The week started out fine as Emilia started staying awake for longer periods of time. She is exploring more and we can see that she’s able to see more things that are farther away.

She is now 3.4kg / 9.24 lbs and 53.8cm tall. Her head and neck are also getting stronger (she can sometimes hold her head up for 15 to 20 seconds during tummy time!). She was enjoying herself and we were enjoying seeing her grow.

But then our angelic baby turned into a fuzzy baby who refuses to sleep during the day.

At first I thought she was going through another growth spurt and hence cluster feeding. But her tummy would always feel full to touch and she’d throw up but still fuss around. This is very different from the baby who used to fall asleep at the breast as she becomes full. When we do manage to put her to sleep, she’d wake up again in 15-30 minutes.

After a while, we figured out that she’s not able to sleep well because of gas and reflux. We’ve been burping her more often but she’s not the best burper. She usually doesn’t find relieve until she makes a big poop.

Since she’s not able to sleep well, she becomes overtired and has an even harder time falling asleep and we’re stuck in a vicious cycle.

I later also found out via mom forums that she’s going through a mental leap this week (according to a book called The Wonder Weeks) and it’s normal for babies to become fussy during this time.

After a few day of dealing with a fussy baby, we finally bought a sling so that we can keep on performing our daily tasks while carrying her. Emilia seems to love it too! She’s been sleeping happily in this position for the last 2 hours so I’m able to type up this post. 😄

On top of her reflux problem, we accidentally gave her a heat rash when we co-slept with her one morning with her sleep sack and our blanket on. Since finding out about it, we’ve been trying to keep her cool and clean but the rash spread to her cheek new ones keep popping up every day. Even though I keep her nails filed fairly often, we’ve had to put socks over her hands to stop her from scratching her face whenever she’s stressed. It breaks my heart to look at all the little red bumps on her face every feeding 😥💔

We’re going to bring her to the pediatrician again tomorrow to see if it’s really a heat rash as the rash should have subsided by now. And if it really is a heat rash, find out what else we could do to make it go away faster.

On the bright side, we have now learned Emilia’s different cries and are better at reading her cues. Her cry is very urgent and loud when she’s hungry and much more whiny when she’s gassy.

She also gave us her first real smile at 5 weeks 5 days (August 28)! Babies generally start being able to smile socially around week 6. They would smile before that but they’re unconscious and mostly because their central nervous system are not fully developed yet. Hopefully she does it again soon and next time we’ll be able to capture it on video!

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