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Crazy Dream

This weekend I experienced one of the lesser-known symptoms of pregnancy – crazy and emotionally intense dreams. This is how it went…

[It’s a bit long. scroll down for TL;DR version in square brackets.]

The dream started with me being in a VIP glass observatory box on the top floor of a shopping mall, where other esteemed guests have gathered for a party. As the party goes on, I looked out and noticed that someone was pulling out a gun. I knew that I’m his target (as the same thing happened in two of my previous dreams) and quickly ducked out of sight as he fires his shot into the glass box. Chaos ensues and I start running at lightning speed down stairs and escalators.

At I reach the bottom floor towards the car that was waiting to pick me up, I saw the man who ordered the assassin to kill me – Justin Trudeau 😮 . I drew out my gun and took a shot at him but he’s somehow superhuman and the bullet didn’t hurt him at all.

He jumped into the car behind me, which was waiting for him, as I jumped into my car. As I was closing my car door, his assistant, who happens to be Emma Stone 😂, approached my car and made her attempt at killing me. Fortunately my driver pulled away just as she was approaching so I was safe.

As we were driving through the city, my car somehow became a school bus and tried hard to blend in with its surroundings as Justin Trudeau’s men were searching for me. Eventually we drove into a TD bank located on the ground floor of a circular shaped shopping mall and I was tended to by some medical staff.

My fear as so overpowering at this point as this is the third time I’m being chased by the same people and I was getting tired of escaping. As I was being treated, a TD staff approached me. Turns out TD offers a service where they can help me create an alternative identity – obtain a new passport and undergo cosmetic surgery. I was just about to say yes to the offer but then “Bam!”

Justin Trudeau’s team found me and started shooting firework cannons through the windows. I hid myself in a corner and made the decision to not care about living anymore, threw my hands in the air and said “oh well if I die, I die.”

After hiding for a while, I was rescued!! A rescue team geared with exoskeletons busted in with their leader, that kid from Ender’s Game. I was overcome with joy and thanked him over and over again. The End.

[TL;DR – I was being chased by assassins sent by Justin Trudeau. One of the assassins was Emma Stone. Considered undergoing cosmetic surgery and starting a new life. Was about to give up on life when finally rescued by a team in exoskeletons led by that kid in Ender’s Game.]

I often have dreams where I’m being chased by people who are trying to kill me but normally I can keep my fear in check and have learned to fight back or fly away from danger. So being chased isn’t really crazy in my books. What’s crazy and funny to me is that the dream involved Justin Trudeau and Emma Stone as people who tried to kill me! Not to mention the extremely intense emotions caused by the boost in my hormones. And for the first time EVER in my life, my dream did not abruptly end in the middle. It was a complete, finished dream!

Do you have any crazy dream stories? Drop me a comment if you do! I’d love to hear them!

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