Emilia Babilia

Week 19

Symptoms? No more pimples! Finally!

Weight? 134.4 lb -> 136 lb. Guess that makes up for the 0 weight gain last week 🙂

Change in dietary habits? None

Exercises? Same.

Sleep? I can no longer sleep on my back.

Baby movements?
I think I might have felt Emilia kick me as I was going home in the subway on Thursday (19 weeks 4 days) but I’m only 70% sure that it’s not vibrations from the subway or bowel movement.

Since then, I’ve been paying closer attention and I think I felt Emilia kick once more and felt her swim  once as well. Again, they’re very subtle and soft feelings so I’m still not sure and I’m waiting for my 20 weeks anatomy scan to help me figure it out.

At week 19 Emilia is as big as a mango / heirloom tomato!

Anything else special happened this week?
Visited our OB for the 2nd time on Monday and heard Emilia’s heart beat again and it made me so happy. Her heart is beating fast and strong and it sounded so happy! I just can’t wait to meet her.

Oh and we bought Emilia’s crib!!! We have yet to pick it up from the warehouse and assemble it though, so you’ll have to wait a little bit for a picture. 🙂

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